How to buy

How to buy


Buying from Two to Twelve is very easy:

1.- Select the product you want to buy. Add the amount, size and color of the garment.

2.- Add the garment to your shopping cart.

3.- If you wish, select another product and follow the same process.

4.- Once you have all the chosen products, click on "next step".

5- If you are not registered, you must do it now, so that we can send you the order. If you already are, enter your data.

6.- Choose the delivery address and add any comments you consider appropriate.

7.- Select the shipping method. Shipping costs depend on the destination country, as well as the purchase amount. (See the Shipping section).

8.- Select the payment method (credit card or Paypal) and follow the instructions.

9.- The delivery time will depend on the country of destination. (See the Shipping section).

How to buy with tissue change

1.-When you select the product, after choosing the size, select? "Change of fabric" and automatically you can choose the fabric you want, at the moment you will get a quote. There are some models that are exempt from this option.

This option carries a 15% increase in the cost of the garment with the new fabric.


How to buy as

1.-When you select the product, after choosing the color, select? "Tailored" and automatically a section will appear to fill in your measurements, at the moment you will get a quote.

This option carries an increase of 20%.


Fabric change + Custom

1.-When you select the product, we select "change of fabric" with your new fabric, and also "made to measure" with your new measurements. At the moment you will get a quote. Remember, there are models that are exempt from tissue change.

This option carries an increase of 30%.



Communion dresses are totally tailored, and nothing is increased by it.

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    • Niña Comunión

      Girl Communion

      Communion dresses for girls, embroidered tulle dresses, gauze, bamboo or cotton. 

    • Niño Comunión

      Communion Boy

      Communion suits for children, sailor suits, shirts and bermuda shorts.

    • Girl

      Elegant and ceremonial dresses for girls, cross dresses and mao piquillo.

    • Atelier


      Customized and personalized dresses and suits for boys and girls.

    • Laces


      Laces and sashes for communion and ceremonies.

    • Flower Wreath

      Floral headdresses with simple and romantic designs.

    • Shoes

      Ballerina type shoes.

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